Man attempts kissing elephant to emulate movie scene, lands up in hospital


NATIONAL | May 3, 2019:

In an incident, a young man who tried emulating a film scene and kissed an elephant landed up in a hospital near Malur, nearly 50 km from Bengaluru. The man was reportedly drunk.

A herd of six elephants was seeing moving towards Kateri and Araleri villages in Karnataka on Wednesday. It was reported that from the last one-week forest and police officials were trying hard to move them back to forests. The herd had destroyed a mango grove, plantain farms and cucumber fields in and around DN Doddi village.

According to report, the villagers gathered outside the DN Doddi village as soon as they saw the herd and started taking photos and selfies with them. Meanwhile, the elephant was getting restless seeing the crowd.

Reportedly, the forest officials have taken steps to create awareness among the villagers to avoid them going near the animals or to disturb them, but despite repeated instructions, such incidents are frequent.

However, forest department sources told that the elephant started moving towards Raju when he tried to kiss him. Minutes before the incident, Raju bragged to his friends about imitating a Kannada film hero who had kissed an elephant.

It was found that Raju rammed into a eucalyptus tree while fleeing the spot. He then started bleeding and was not in a position to speak. He was later rushed to the hospital.

KP Dhanalakshmi, RFO Malur mentioned that despite moving the herd, the Jumbos have been returning. Although, additional staff from the neighbouring taluks would be deployed to service in order to ensure that such unfortunate incidents can be avoided in future.

Source: MN