Last full moon of 2020 seen on December 29



The last Full Moon of the year 2020 and the decade, was seen on Tuesday night.

"The moon, which was visible since dusk in the city will reach its maximum illumination phase on December 30 at 8:58 am," the director of MP Birla Planetarium Debiprasad Duari said.

"Just after the sunset, (we) got a fantastic view of the moon from the terrace. As times passed, the slight variation in the colour was noticeable. It was cold, but that's how it should be on a 'Cold Moon' Night," Duari said.

Explaining the naming of 'cold moon night' he said in a Facebook post, "because of the winter season, it is called the Cold Moon and since it is happening near to the Winter Solstice (December 21 this year), the moon will also be on the sky for a longer time than the average, and hence also termed as, especially in the Northern latitudes as the long Night Full Moon".

Duari elaborated it is the highest Full Moon of the year and the thirteenth one in this year. (PTI)


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