INS urges govt to provide stimulus package for the newspaper industry



The Indian Newspaper Society (INS) on Friday urged the government to announce a stimulus package for the newspaper industry as it is facing an "unprecedented crisis" and lost around Rs 12,500 crore in the last eight months.

In a statement, the INS said the Indian newspaper industry has played a vital role in the dissemination of verified and factual news in these challenging times which has been duly acknowledged by the Supreme Court and functionaries, from time to time.

L Adimoolam, the president of INS, has urged upon the government to announce a stimulus package for the newspaper industry, which the INS has been seeking for the past few months, the statement said.

He has pointed out that the newspaper industry is facing an "unprecedented crisis" with its revenue streams, as both advertising and circulation have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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As a result, many of the publications have either shut down or suspended some of their editions, indefinitely, the INS said.

The devastating ripple effect of the collapsing newspaper will impact lakhs of Indians, including employees and their families, as well as the larger eco-system of allied industries, printing presses, distribution supply chain including newspaper vendors and delivery boys, etc. who have for decades, been earning their livelihood from these operations, the INS said.

The INS urged the government to remove residual 5 per cent customs duty on newsprint, GNP & LWC paper, provide two years tax holiday, 50 per cent increase in the government advertisement rates, 200 per cent increase in the government spend on print media and immediate settlement of outstanding bills of advertisements released through the Bureau of Outreach and Communication and state governments. (PTI)