India’s fight against Corona is people-driven: PM Modi


NATIONAL | April 26, 2020:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the Nation on Man ki Bath has said that India's fight against Corona is people-driven and along with the people, the government and the administration are fighting the pandemic.

Sharing his thoughts in the Mann Ki Baat program of All India Radio today, Modi said, each and every citizen of the country is a soldier in this battle and they are leading the battle. He lauded the resolve of the people as to how at each and every place, people have come forward to help each other.

The Prime Minister said from arranging food for the needy, to supply of rations, compliance of lockdown, from arrangements in hospitals to manufacturing medical equipment indigenously, the entire nation is marching ahead together.

Modi urged people not to get caught in the trap of over-confidence and not harbor a feeling that if corona has not yet reached their city, village, street, or office, it is not going to reach now. Modi said 'Do Gaz doori hai zaroori' should be our mantra and people should maintain a distance of two yards and keep themselves healthy. He cautioned that, in over-enthusiasm, there should be no negligence at the local level or elsewhere and people always have to remain.

The Prime Minister said many positive changes are organically making their way into the work culture, lifestyle, and daily habits of people. The effect that is most visible around is wearing a mask and covering the face.

Modi said, in the changed paradigm due to Corona, masks are becoming a part of the lives of people. He said masks will now become a symbol of cultured society. If people want to save themselves and others from disease, they will have to wear a mask. He also suggested people use a Gumchha or a light towel to cover the face.  

Modi said another awareness that has come about in society is that people now understand the damage that can be caused by spitting in public places. He said it had been a part of the bad habits that people would spit anywhere and it presents a serious challenge both to cleanliness and to health. He said people must eradicate the spitting habit. Modi said it will not only boost the basic hygiene levels but also help in preventing the spread of the Corona infection.

The Prime Minister said the resolve the countrymen displayed during the crisis has led to the beginning of a new transformation in India. He said, businesses, offices, educational institutions, the medical sector in the country are rapidly advancing towards new operational changes. On the technology front, every innovator in the country is coming up with something or the other amid emerging situations.

Modi said the Centre, State Governments, each and every department and institution are working hand in hand for relief at full speed. People working in the aviation sector, Railway employees are working day and night to alleviate hurdles confronting the countrymen.

He cited how a special campaign Lifeline Udan has ensured the supply of medicines to every corner of the country and within a short span of time. Lifeline Udan, clocked a flight distance of three lakh kilometers, delivering over five hundred tons of medical supplies to people in the farthest corners of the country.

The Prime Minister highlighted how the Railways is working relentlessly during the lockdown so that the common man throughout the country does not have to face the shortage of essential commodities. Indian Railways is running more than 100 parcel trains on close to 60 routes. Modi said the postal department personnel is playing a critical role in ensuring medical supplies.

He said all of them are Corona Warriors in the truest sense. Underlining the Government's commitment to helping the needy and poor, the Prime Minister said, money is being directly transferred into the accounts of the poor, as part of the Pradhan Mantri Gareeb Kalyan Package. Facilities like free of cost gas cylinders and rations for three months are being provided to the poor. He praised the efforts of various government departments and banking sector personnel working together as a team.

Modi also commended the state governments for playing a very proactive role in dealing with this pandemic. He said, the responsibilities being borne by local administrations and state governments are critical in the fight against Corona. He said, their hard work is worthy of commendation. Expressing his deepest regards for the medical services personnel across the country.

Modi said the doctors, nurses, para-medical staff, community health workers and all such personnel who are working round the clock to ensure a Corona-free India. He said we need to ensure their safety and the ordinance that has been issued recently is a step in this direction. The ordinance provides for stringent punishment for those harassing or injuring or indulging in violence against Corona warriors.

Giving examples of household helps, common workers who fulfill our various needs or personnel working in shops nearby, personnel delivering essential services, laborers working in marketplaces, the auto-rickshaw drivers in the neighborhood, Modi said, today people realize how difficult their lives can be without them.

He said, people, are not only remembering these colleagues and helping them with their needs but are also writing about them with great respect in social media. The Prime Minister said, doctors, cleaning staff and other such services personnel, and even the police organizations are being seen in a new light by the common people. He said, today the police personnel are ensuring that food and medicines reach the poor and the needy. He added that it is a time when common folk is connecting with the police at an emotional level.

Modi said that the government has come up with a Digital Platform The volunteers of social organizations, representatives of civil society, and local administration have been linked with each other through this platform. He appreciated that in a very short time, 1.25 crore people including Doctors, Nurses, ASHA-ANM workers, NCC, and NSS cadets, professionals from different fields have become a part of this portal. These COVID warriors are of immense help at the local level in preparing Crisis Management Plans and implementing them. He urged people to join to be a COVID warrior and serve the country.

The Prime Minister highlighted that during the crisis, India provided medical supplies to the needy across the world in line with its humanitarian responsibility. He said, people across the world are paying special attention to the importance of India's Ayurveda and Yoga and it's a role in boosting immunity.

Modi urged people to follow the Corona-related protocol to boost immunity by the Ministry of AYUSH. He added that warm water, decoction, and other guidelines issued by Ayush Ministry would be very helpful for people. Modi said it has been our misfortune that we always refuse to acknowledge our own strengths and glorious traditions. He underlined the need for the younger generation to go in for evidence-based research to propagate our traditional principles in scientific language. He said, just as the world has happily accepted Yoga, the world will surely also accept the age-old Ayurvedic principles.

Prime Minister called upon the citizens on Akshaya Tritiya to give a thought about the preservation of the environment, forests, rivers, and the entire ecosystem. The Prime Minister added that if people want to remain bestowed with renewable resources then they must first ensure that the earth remains ever abundant. Modi said, the festival of Akshaya-Tritiya also provides an occasion to realize the strength of charity, the power of giving during a crisis. The Prime Minister recalled that the day marks an important day in the life of the first Tirthankara Lord Rishabhdev and it is also the birth anniversary of Lord Basaveshwara. He said the holy month of Ramazan has begun and people should pray more than ever before so that before Eid the world is free from Corona and people can celebrate Eid with enthusiasm.

Modi urged people to follow the guidelines of the local administration during Ramazan as it is very important to follow the rules of physical distancing in the streets, markets, and in mohallas or colonies. He expressed gratitude to all those community leaders who are making people aware of the two yards distancing and not going out of the houses. The Prime Minister said Corona has changed the manner of celebrating festivals all over the world including India and it has changed the ways of their observance.