Hold Punjab, Haryana CMs liable for Delhi pollution: Atishi to air quality panel



Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA and chairperson of Environment Committee of Delhi Assembly Atishi Marlena, on Monday, met with newly-appointed panel for Air Quality Management and urged it to hold chief ministers of Punjab and Haryana liable for causing pollution in the national capital.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Atishi said two main issues were raised with the commission.

"We have asked them to direct Haryana and Punjab governments to implement as soon as possible the solution by the Pusa Institute and the Delhi government in dealing with the stubble burning issue. Earlier it used to be said that there is no solution to the issue of stubble burning but now a solution has come so it should be implemented," she said.

According to scientists at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Pusa, the "Pusa bio-decomposer" solution can turn crop residue into manure in 15 to 20 days and therefore, can prevent stubble burning.

Secondly, Atishi said she told the commission that just giving direction is not enough but, it is the responsibility of Haryana and Punjab to stop stubble burning and if they don't do it, strict action must be taken against them.


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"The commission can file FIR and imprison anyone for up to 5 years for causing pollution in Delhi-NCR (National Capital Region) so we have asked it to hold the CMs of Haryana and Punjab liable and accountable and take strict action against them," she added.

Atishi said the commission has given assurance that it will look into the matter.

"It has also told us that it will be holding a meeting with Pusa institute. We will be closely watching what steps the commission adopts now and we hope that when Centre has made such a powerful commission then it will take strict and fast action in the matter," she added.

Delhi's air quality deteriorated on Monday morning but remained in the 'poor' category, while 14 of its 38 monitoring stations recorded 'very poor' air quality, government agencies said. (PTI)