Free motorbike ambulance for the poor


NEW DELHI | JULY 12, 2020:

We are all familiar with a four-wheeled ambulance. However, a motorbike serving as an ambulance is quite unusual. Karimul Haque a tea gardener in West Bengal uses his motorbike to take poor villagers to hospitals and clinics, free of cost. Dhalabari village under Malbazar police station became popular because of Haque's unique concept of a 'motorbike ambulance.'

Haque's motorbike ambulance became popular, and his service is known to most people. Haque's mother, Zufuran Nessa died due to a lack of treatment, so Haque decided to start the bike-ambulance service for the poor. He said, "By the grace of Allah, I am bearing the fuel cost and giving the ambulance service to the village."

Haque added that he is doing this in memory of his late mother and believes that God will grant her a place in heaven.

Haque's wife Anjuara Begum also mentioned that all their family members are supportive of Haque in his service.