Facts you need to know about World Environment Day


FACTS | JUNE 5, 2020:

Here are the interesting facts you need to know about World Environment Day

#1 The World Environment Day (WED) is held annually on June 5. The day's main aim is to increase positive awareness about the need to care for the environment and the nature of the planet earth.

#2 The WED was launched in 1972 during a United Nations Conference on the Human Environment event. The main aim was to solely devote the day for the environment in a bid to create worldwide awareness on the need to conserve the environment.

#3 WED has a different theme which guides its actions each year. The day has been associated with a couple of themes in the past. The theme for this year is "Time For Nature."

#4 On WED people from all walks of life participated in planting of trees and cleaning the environment.

#5 In 2018, India was chosen as the host country for the world environment day celebrations with a focus on plastic pollution. This year, Colombia will be hosting World Environment Day 2020 in partnership with Germany.

#6 The anthem is known as "Earth Anthem". It was composed by poet-diplomat by the name Abbay K in 2013. It is made up of eight different languages which unite communities from different parts of the world. The anthem was launched during an Indian Council of Cultural Relations event which was held in New Delhi, India. It is a strong symbol of the WED.