Fact Check: Does use of ACs spread Covid-19?


NATIONAL | APRIL 19, 2020:

As coronavirus spreads rapidly, there is a barrage of information floating along with it on what should be used and what shouldn't to check the spread of the disease.

Among such information is the use of air conditioners (ACs) – many on the internet and social media are claiming that use of ACs can lead to spread of the Sars-CoV-2 virus. But the government has taken upon itself to dispel all such misinformation.

There is a misconception that ACs should not be used to cool off in the heat, as they spread Covid-19. In a tweet, Press Information Bureau said, window ACs are ok, but not central air-conditioning.

It rejected another claim that exposure to high temperatures prevents COVID19. It said, there is no scientific evidence to prove that coronavirus can be prevented in high temperature. Countries with hot weather have also reported COVID19 cases.

Busting another claim the dogs and cats both pet and stray can spread Covid-19 to humans, it said, there is no evidence that coronavirus can be transmitted by pets. However, it said, personal hygiene should be followed like washing hands well with soap and water.