Engage Creations Opens A Revolutionary Way of Digital Publishing



Digital publishing now takes another leap with EC Books by presenting publications that are aesthetically pleasing, interactive, engaging, and offering a highly fascinating experience to the viewers.

Engage Creations is a new venture catering to digital publishing solutions.

The greatest feature is its multiple use cases. With EC Books, a business can share information, effectively educate with hyperlinks & and animations, market digitally, retarget customers by analyzing their interactions, and much more. As a highly flexible and versatile publishing option, possibilities are simply endless.

According to Mr Yashkirti Jain, the young CEO at Engage Creations, "The attention span of the users has decreased drastically. They show no interest in company catalogues, documents, or any collateral, which fails to interest them."


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He elaborates, "We wanted to make digital publishing a rewarding opportunity for businesses and therefore came up with a concept of EC Books. It enhances readability with text, graphics, gifs, and helps a business to grow by understanding user behaviour with analytics. Now they can penetrate the toughest markets and nurture niche leads with the power of EC Books. It can revolutionize the way companies publish content."

Engage Creations believes its offering can help every industry in every sector of our economy. EC Books can be beneficial for both marketing and sales, and strengthening internal and external communications. These books are highly secure and shareable. They can be hosted on the website or can be downloaded as an HTML document. The company has already backed some big names and is gaining keen interest from multiple players who are eager to use this path-breaking communication tool. (PTI)