Congress attacks Modi govt on skyrocketing onion prices


NATIONAL | Nov 28, 2019:

As prices of onion skyrocket in the retail market, the Congress on Thursday said Modi government has completely lost its grip on commodity price control regime.

Speaking to IANS, senior Congress leader and MP in the Rajya Sabha, P.L. Punia said that onions are being sold at Rs 120 per kg, but the government seems to be absolutely ignorant of the unimaginable price hike.

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"They (BJP leaders) are committed to oblige the corporate and are giving relief to them. However they are not bothered about the extreme inflation in the market and how difficult the situation is for the common man," said Punia, the dalit face of the Congress.

According to Punia, prices of other commodity items have also increased in the past few weeks.

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"Despite a grim situation, the finance minister still does not accept that country is going through economic slowdown. One cannot have an ostrich view on such issues which are bothering middle and lower class citizen," Punia said.

Earlier, Aam Aadmi Party accused the Centre of stopping supply of onion to national capital at controlled price. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that he would be writing to the central government to resume supply of controlled price onion to Delhi.