BJP will get more seats than in 2014: PM Modi


NEW DELHI, April 20, 2019: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said the BJP will win the Lok Sabha elections with full majority, and with more votes and seats than in 2014.

"BJP will win with full majority and with more votes and seats than we won earlier. Even our alliance partners will get greater number of seats and our vote share will increase in different states The country has decided to elect a strong government with full majority. The country has decided to elect BJP again," he said in an interview with Times Now news channel.

Modi referred to an old brainstorming meeting of the Congress and said unlike the opposition party which had said they do not need allies, the BJP is not arrogant.

Answering a question on Jammu and Kashmir, he said there can only be hitting touch for terrorists. "We will have to make a clear demarcation that healing touch is for the citizens and hitting touch for the terrorists."

Replying to a query on the Citizenship bill, he said "some hyper-secular people" give communal colour to every issue.

He said Congress had promised National Citizenship Register (NRC) but did not fulfil the promise for 30 years.

"There should be a debate over NRC. Can any country in the world be a 'dharamshala'? Is there any country in the world which doesn't have a register of citizens," he asked.

Answering a question on Rafale deal, he said for the Congress, "defence deals have been an ATM".

He said the CAG had rejected "lies" of the opposition and these had also been rejected by the Supreme Court rejected it. "But keeping elections in mind, they are dragging the matter."

Answering a query on jobs, Modi said record loans have been taken under Mudra scheme to boost employment and self-employment and infrastructure was being developed at fast speed

"Is it happening without jobs," he asked.

Modi said more than 80 per cent of informal economy and informal employment exists. Only 15-16 per cent is formal for which new mechanism is needed to arrive at employment data.

He also rejected allegations of political vendetta by the opposition.

"The biggest fact is that the money that was recovered in Madhya Pradesh was meant for the care and nutrition of children, which was for poor pregnant women. They are eating off those funds.

The country must debate on why even today the Congress dares to commit such sins as soon as they come to power. It's barely been a few months since they came to power in Madhya Pradesh. And to stifle debates on these issues, they keep crying foul over the raids," the Prime Minister said.

He said that the government has brought the corrupt to the door of jails and will work to get them inside if he comes to power again.

Attacking Congress, he said many of its leaders were facing cases.

"Congress, which has ruled for four generations, could they have ever fathomed that today their leaders would be out on bail. The man who used to be their finance minister, every second day he goes to the court to get a date," he said.

Modi said the government had succeeded in bringing back several offenders .