11-year-old Abdulrahman Al-Shantti raps for peace in Gaza


AGAZA | AUGUST 26, 2020:

An 11-year old rapper, Abdulrahman al-Shantti became popular, after his cover songs posted on Instagram went viral, early this month.

Abdulrahman, who goes by the stage name MCA raps songs that are longing for peace and all the joy that a child deserves in a disturbed region like Gaza.

"Since the first day of my life I have already seen three wars and it won't take very long for me to see another one," "On the beach of Gaza – sands, fresh air and sea/ It's the only opportunity for the people to feel free," he raps.

The young rapper started rapping at the age of 9 years and has more than 92,000 followers, earning him praises from artists such as DJ Khaled from the US, Masari Canada, Akala and Lowkey UK.

"I want to tell the outside world how the Palestinians live in Gaza and how we as children are supposed to live like normal people but don't," he said.

In the video, Abdulrahman(MCA) is seen featuring with Palestinian rapper Waheeb Nasan, on an English rap number flawlessly.

"First of all, this is our country, let me tell you how it goes," he raps. "We want peace and we want love/people pray and teach who don't," raps MCA.

The budding rapper has done cover songs featuring Waheed Nasan, Linkin Park, Kris Kross, Mike Shinoda's Fort Minor, Tupac and Eminem, Abdulrahman for which he chose Gaza City as location undoubtedly.

To watch his rap, click on the link:



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