UV-emitting LED lights can kill novel coronavirus, say scientists



Ultraviolet (UV) light-emitting diodes (UV-LEDs) can kill the novel coronavirus efficiently, quickly, and cheaply, according to a study which says the new innovation could be installed in air conditioning and water systems.

"The entire world is currently looking for effective solutions to disinfect the coronavirus," said Hadas Mamane, co-author of the study from the American Friends of Tel Aviv University in the US.

"We discovered that it is quite simple to kill coronavirus using LED bulbs that radiate ultraviolet light. We killed the viruses using cheaper and more readily available LED bulbs, which consume little energy and do not contain mercury like regular bulbs," she added.

The scientists believe the research has commercial and societal implications, given the widespread use of such LED bulbs.

The researchers said the system must be designed so that a person is not directly exposed to the light, adding that it is very dangerous to use the UV-LED to disinfect surfaces inside homes. (PTI)


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