Supreme Court stays implementation of three farm laws



The Supreme Court (SC), on Tuesday, announced that it would not implement the three farm laws for now.

Keeping a hold on the “Farm Laws” the top court said they would form a committee of agricultural experts to take over negotiations with the farmers and end the crisis.

“We are staying three farm laws until further orders, and a detailed discussion will take place soon on the laws,” Chief Justice SA Bodbe said.

The government had earlier told the court that the farm laws were not passed in a hurry; they resulted from over two decades of deliberations.

The government officials met the farmers’ union several times over the last month and ruled out the possibility of withdrawing the laws.

However, the government had also assured that if the farmers agreed, they would make amendments to the laws.

The failure of the farm leaders to accept the terms laid by the government made the Supreme Court step in for a possible resolution.

The Supreme Court said it was trying to solve the problem in the best way and could suspend the laws.

The top court also issued notice to farmers’ unions on a Delhi Police plea to stop a tractor rally planned for the Republic Day parade on January 26.

(Edited by Shankar Turha)


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