Joe Biden goes to church, Donald Trump hits golf course after US election



A day after becoming the President-elect, Joe Biden went to a church for Sunday prayers, while outgoing US President Donald Trump headed to a golf course in a Virginia suburb.

Biden, 77, drove down to the St. Joseph, a historic Roman Catholic church complex, in New Castle County in Delaware. He was joined by his daughter Ashley Biden and his grandson Hunter.

Trump, 74, after a series of tweets on Sunday morning, headed to his golf course in a Virginia suburb of Washington DC.

A handful of demonstrators lined the sidewalks near the entrance of the golf course.

Some of them held placards reading: "ORANGE CRUSHED"; "TRUMPTY DUMPTY HAD A GREAT FALL". There were also a few pro-Trump signboards.

Trump was playing golf on Saturday when major US news networks announced that he had lost the US election to his Democratic rival Biden. (PTI)