Islamic State claims deadly and rare twin blasts in Baghdad



The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a rare suicide attack that rocked central Baghdad on January 21, killing 32 people and over 100 people wounded.

The bombing targeted "apostate Shiites," the group said in a statement on an IS-affiliated website late Thursday.

According to officials, the first suicide bomber cried out loudly that he was ill in the middle of the bustling market, prompting a crowd to gather around him and that's when he detonated his explosive belt. The second detonated shortly after.

The attack was the first in nearly three years to hit the capital. Elsewhere, in northern Iraq and the western desert, attacks continue and almost exclusively target Iraqi security forces.

An increase in attacks was seen last summer as militants took advantage of the government's focus on tackling the coronavirus pandemic and exploited security gaps across a disputed territory in northern Iraq. (PTI)


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