Finland is the "happiest country" & Afghanistan the "unhappiest": UN report



Finland retained the top spot in the list of "happiest countries" for the fourth consecutive term, after the UN-curated World Happiness Report 2021, was declared on Friday.

The factors that led to sustaining the country's high happiness figures despite the global pandemic were 'mutual trust in each other' and 'confidence in the government', ANI reported.

The World Happiness Report was first brought out in 2012 and is calculated based on GDP (Gross Domestic Product), level of social support, life expectancy, observance of civil liberties, job security, corruption levels, and public opinions during polls.

While Iceland, Denmark and Switzerland bagged the second, third and fourth positions, respectively.

India has been ranked 139th out of the 149 countries.

Meanwhile, the US and the UK attained 14th and 18th place, respectively.

Notably, Germany jumped from last year's 17th to the Seventh position in 2021.

On the contrary, Afghanistan has rated the most "unhappy country", followed by Zimbabwe, Rwanda, and Botswana.

(Edited by Gabriel G Momin)


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