Economy, jobs main parameters to choose next US President: American voters



Economy and jobs during the coronavirus pandemic are among the main parameters on which the voters would choose between President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden as the next US President in the November 3 elections, American voters have said.

They said that both economy and the coronavirus are interlinked in many ways as the contagious disease has taken the lives of 230,000 Americans and leftover 9 million infected, jolting the economy severely.

"For me, I'm gonna vote for the person that's not gonna affect my business, Ethan Clark, who is a small business owner in rural Pennsylvania, said.

"In my opinion, the economy is pretty good right now, Clark said, days before Department of Commerce in its latest report on Thursday revealed that America's GDP grew by a whooping 33.1 quarter in the third quarter.

American voters said that this time better employment opportunity would be an issue that they would take into consideration while going out for voting.

David, a small-time contractor who has been renovating homes and sometimes makes a new one in rural areas of Wisconsin, said that he has never been as busy as this year now in the 25 years of his business.

"My other colleagues are work booked for the next six months, David, said.

There are more than 257 million people in the US who are 18 or older, and nearly 240 million citizens are eligible to vote this year, according to the American daily USA Today.

Another CNN report, however, noted that despite the unprecedented mail-in voting, there is a possibility that full results of who between President Trump and Biden will win the Presidential election may not be known on election night.

Augusto and his colleague, who are renovating a house in the Shaker Heights area of the battleground state of Ohio, a Democratic stronghold, believe that after the first few months early this year when they experienced lockdown, it's a big-time for them.

"There is more demand in the market than in the past," he said.

For all the three Ethan, David and Augusto the choice this election is clear.

They will vote for someone on November 3rd who gives them a better option for job security.

None of them, all from the battleground States, answered the specific question who they are going to vote this time.

All the three refused to blame coronavirus on Trump and said that its no one's fault.

Chuck, who works at a veteran's home taking care of the veterans in rural parts of Pennsylvania, said that he wants the next president to bring back the business and revive the economy.

But he has already made up his mind, saying that Trump is his preferred choice in 2020.

"To the best of the ability, despite impeachments investigations and hostile media, I think, he has done quite well. Our economy was on a roll. We were doing the best we've done in years. Unemployment is way down. Then everything kind of got stalled the pandemic came along. And now they want to blame him for it but actually, it's not his fault, Chick said.

"He (Trump) build up the economy before China virus hit us, said Kelly, who works at a neighbourhood grocery store in Wisconsin.

Chef Price, who runs a small restaurant in Pennsylvania, said that the pandemic like coronavirus is not in one hand.

"What is important for us is to vote for a president who we know can ensure that we have jobs and our business are running.

Christine, who lives in the battleground state of Michigan and works part-time at a Seven 11 store at a rest area in neighbouring Indiana, said that the entire world is suffering from coronavirus pandemic.

But the biggest challenge for us is to have the normalcy back. The United States today is doing better in terms of economy as compared to many countries of the world. I am voting for the one who gives me better assurance for jobs and economy, he said.

For many of them, they don't want taxes to go up and asserted that their wish is the next administration to bring down the taxes, which they argued is very high.

"I don't want taxes to go up, said Satri, who works at a grocery store at Youngstown in Ohio.

This president has made this economy grow beyond anything I've ever seen. The economy is the main issue for me, said Michael, who is a builder in Pennsylvania.

Everyone is building right now, he said, adding that the gas prices have come down so much this year. Low energy cost is helping his business, he asserted.(PTI)