Forest dept rescues 88 parrots, turtles being smuggled, 2 held



The forest department in Maharashtra's Thane on Friday arrested two persons and rescued 88 different types of parrots and turtles that they were trying to smuggle, officials said.

The forest department had received information that some persons were smuggling and selling rare species of parrots, they said.

"Accordingly, a trap was laid near a mall in the city and the duo was caught. At that time, they were carrying two parrots with them," forest officer Narendra Muthe said.

"On being questioned, the duo later took the officials to a nearby place from where many more parrots and turtles were recovered," he added.

A total of 88 birds and animals were rescued, he said.

Eight of them were Plum-headed parakeets, 27 rose-ringed prakeets, three Alexandrine parakeets, 16 Indian tent turtles, 24 Indian black-spotted turtles and 10 Indian palm squirrels, he said.

The duo was booked under Wildlife Protection Act, he said.