EDITORIAL | How cordial is the BSF-BGB relationship?



The bilateral relationship between India and Bangladesh has grown over the years and so have transborder criminal activities and border killings.

The recent abduction and killing of an Indian national from Meghalaya, allegedly by Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB), has raised many questions over the relationship between the BGB and India's Border Security Force (BSF) along the Indo-Bangla border.

The BGB, on its part, claimed that the Indian national was a smuggler. Interestingly enough, the incident happened days after a Bangladesh national, suspected to be a smuggler, was allegedly shot dead by BSF personnel.

The incident happened amid a Director General-level border conference between the BGB and BSF in Guwahati, Assam.


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The relationship between the two border guarding forces of India and Bangladesh seems to be under constant strain although it looks strong on the outside. But continuous instances like these often raise and create tension amongst the two forces.

The Meghalaya stretch of the Indo-Bangla international border is known to be porous, and smuggling is a challenge faced by the border guarding forces.

Talks about zero killings along the border can only be achieved if the international border is well fenced and guarded.

Will the situation on ground zero change for the better?

The question that arises is that whatever that has been done over the years has not reaped many benefits at the ground.

Nonetheless, hopes run high that the situation will improve in the future.

How and when is yet another question.