Ease of Living Index 2020: Bengaluru tops the list, Pune comes second



The Ease of Living Index 2020 has placed Bengaluru at the top spot among other Indian cities with a population bracket of over a million.

Bengaluru was followed by Pune and Ahmedabad in the ranking table, whereas other cities like Bareilly, Dhanbad, Srinagar and Muzaffarpur were ranked lower.

Meanwhile, Shimla occupied the top place with a population below one million.

The Ease of Living Index 2020 is prepared by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs and ranks cities based on various parameters, including the ease of doing business.

We may note that 111 cities took part in the assessment exercise conducted in 2020.

The first edition of the index was launched in 2018 and was based on indicators across 15 evaluation criteria, including education, health, safety, governance, affordable housing, transportation, civic amenities and environmental factors.

(Edited by Shankar Kumar Turha)


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