Centre recognises Yoga as a competitive sport



The Union Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports along with the Ayush Ministry on December 17, formally recognised Yoga as a competitive sport, preparing the ground for the ancient discipline to be included in National, State and University level championships organised in the country.

Announcing at a joint press conference, Ayush Minister Sripad Naik on December 17 said the decision comes after three to four years of consultation with the stakeholders in the Yoga sector.

He said, Yoga becoming a sport will ensure that new technologies and strategies will be inducted in the discipline to benefit the athletes and officials to build fulfilling careers in this field.

Union Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju said the competitions that will arise out of the recognition of Yoga as a sport will generate interest among people around the globe.

“We are planning to include Yogasana as a sport discipline in Khelo India and the University Games and we will also pitch it at the National Games but the aim and objective of any sport are to be included in Olympics and this is a beginning of a long journey,” Rijiju said.

The sports discipline of Yogasana is likely to have 51 medals in 4 events and 7 categories.

The proposed events for both men and women include Traditional Yogasana, Artistic Yogasana (Single), Artistic Yogasana (Pair), Rhythmic Yogasana (Pair), Free Flow/Group Yogasana, Individual All-Round – Championship and Team Championship.

(Edited by Andre Kongri)