Bharat Biotech to pay compensation if Covaxin causes side effects



Hyderabad based firm Bharat Biotech on Saturday informed that the company will pay compensation to the recipients in case of any ‘serious adverse’ effects experienced after receiving the antidote.

Bharat Biotech has received a government purchase order for the supply of 55 lakh doses of Covaxin, an indigenous vaccine developed by Indian scientists.

In the consent form to be signed by the vaccine recipients, Bharat Biotech said, “In case of any adverse events or serious adverse events, you will be provided medically recognised standard of care in the government designated and authorised centres and hospitals.”

The form also mentioned, “The compensation for serious adverse event will be paid by the sponsor (BBIL) in case if the SAE is proven to be causally related to the vaccine.”

Covaxin has demonstrated the ability to produce antidote against COVID-19 in phase 1 and 2 clinical trials.

However, the clinical efficacy of the vaccine is yet to be established, and it is still being studied in phase 3 clinical trials.

(Edited by Shankar Turha)


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