GoMechanic - A storehouse of skilled employees


By Aiborlang Andrew Chyne

As a startup working professional, it is amazing to see GoMechanic being started by co-founders from a mechanical engineering background, namely Nitin Rana and Kushal Karwa.

They have a clear product knowledge about the technicality even though they might not be from an automobile engineering background but the knowledge they have is an asset in itself.

For the major cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Cochin, Pune and other satellite towns or urban centres, GoMechanic is itself a boom with the kind of skilled employees they have.

The challenge is for PAN India market especially in Tier III or rural India that is predominantly capitalised by heavy commercial vehicles such as trucks or buses.

I’m sure GoMechanic team would work wonders if they are able to penetrate the rural market but the predominance of the local garage or car workshop at a stone’s throw would make it difficult for the common end-users to get the app installed or give a buzz on GoMechanic team for car-servicing.

Only if you happen to own a luxury car such as Mercedes Benz or Jaguar, with the latest model, then definitely you would take the pain of installing the app and get your car serviced.

It won’t be cost-effective to get the car-servicing outlet opened through-out the nook and corner of the city, such as Delhi or Gurgaon. The cost of rent is another major input-cost, leaving the cost of other services aside. Another problem is the availability of skilled man-power.


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If GoMechanic can become a platform for skilled mechanics or semi-skilled technician or helpers to connect and interact or collaborate, I’m sure GoMechanic would not be far away from the next Unicorn journey.

The YouTube channel of GoMechanic looks like an Automobile i-TV channel rather than showing more about the work done at the servicing centre.

Undoubtedly, GoMechanic has become an advertising platform for Automobile brands or supplier of spare parts to connect with a customer if sales can’t be maximised from the regular spare-parts retailer of Karol Bagh market in Delhi.

GoMechanic team needs to understand the demography of the customers they are catering to. If one is catering to urban or middle-class segment, customers would prefer to go to a company’s servicing outlet if there is any problem with the car; they would opt for GoMechanic only if the cost is comparatively lower than a company’s outlet such as Honda or Hyundai.

GoMechanic can also be a training partner for automobile technicians via Skill India Development initiated by the Government of India as Urban Clap did.