You’re not alone! Common ghost or spirit that often pays you a visit

You’re not alone! Common ghost or spirit that often pays you a visit

If you think you’re alone then think again! Someone may just be beside you and staring at you. Many of us have weird sensations about seeing shadows or shapes out of the corner of our eye, only for it to disappear when we turn to look.
Well here are the five most common types of ghosts/spirits that will make you think twice before you turn to look.
#1. The Interactive personality

The most common type of ghost is that of a deceased person; someone you know, a family member or even a historical figure. They can be either friendly or just the opposite. They like to show themselves to people in many ways; they can become visible, create noises or even talk. It is said that this type of ghost retains its personality and can feel emotion.
If you happen to see a loved one, it may be because they feel you want to see them or need to see them.


#2. The Ectoplasm or Ecto-mist
This type of ghost may appear as a swirling mist or fog. These types of encounters have been captured on many cameras both in photos and videos. They can appear to be white, black or even grey in color. Often they appear, linger and then move away rather quickly. But sometimes they can appear this way before transforming into a full-bodied apparition.
They have been witnessed in graveyards, battlefields, and historical sites.


#3. The Poltergeist
This is one of the most common types that most of us have heard. Poltergeist actually means “noisy ghost” because they are known for knocking things over, making noises and manipulating the environment. Although many of us have heard of poltergeists, it is actually one of the rarest and most terrifying type of ghost. Some of the things that make this ghost a terrifying one are; loud knocking sounds, lights turning on and off, doors slamming open and shut and even mysterious fires.
They are known to be mostly harmless but there are times where they have been known to become very dangerous.


#4. Orbs
This could possibly be the most photographed type of phenomena. They appear as translucent or transparent balls of light hovering over the ground. It’s believed that they are the spirit of humans or even animals that are travelling around. The circle shape makes it easier for them to move around and is also said that this is the state they are in before they become full-bodied apparitions.
You will be amazed at how fast they can move.


#5. Funnel Ghosts
They are mostly spotted in houses and historic buildings. They are often associated with cold spots. They usually take the form of a swirling funnel; hence their name. It is believed that they are loved ones returning to visit or former residents of the home or building.
They can appear as a wisp of light or a swirling spiral of light and often caught on camera.


So which of these 5 types have you seen before? Keep your ears and eyes open. They might just pay you a visit!

 by Hippergirl12
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