Get your work published in TNT-The Northeast Today today!

Get your work published in TNT-The Northeast Today today!

Writing for TNT-The Northeast Today

Have you always dreamed of getting your work published, without having any idea how to go about it? TNT-The Northeast Today provides the perfect platform to fulfil that dream. One of the fastest-growing  websites across the Region, TNT-The Northeast Today has a select team of proficient writers who regularly contribute their high quality articles to the site and also the Magazine .

Here are the different ways you can write for us.


You can join our team of contributors by posting your original articles written specifically for this site. All you need to do is register with us and submit your article, and our editorial/publishing team will do the rest.

If you’re concerned about the number of hits your article will receive, you need to stop doing that. Being concerned, that is. We have many different ways of sharing your article with the whole world through a number of media channels, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the high number of hits your writing garners.

You can learn here how to get started, and it would probably also be a good idea to acquaint yourself with the detailed TNT-The Northeast Today’s content guidelines.


Check the TNT website to make sure we have not recently run a piece on the same topic you are proposing.

Send us a pitch—not a finished draft. Usually two or three paragraphs are enough to let us know if your idea is something we want to pursue. The best pitches are packed with specific information, represent your writing style, and indicate the sources of information you intend to use.

Include your credentials, including relevant published clips. Email your pitch to the given mail ids with the word “PITCH” in the subject line.

If you are particularly interested in writing for the print magazine, you’ll need to pitch a story that fits within the theme. Look for updates in our NOTICE BOARD posted on our website for instructions and a deadline.


The Readers Forum is looking for upbeat, personal essays/stories from 500 to 1000 words. These are first-person, non-fiction explorations of how you responded to a place, a person, a situation, an event, or happenings in everyday life. Tell a story; share a funny true tale. The humor should be gentle. We accept essays on a wide variety of subjects, and encourage timely, newsy. All material must be original and previously unpublished. We are always looking for essays on travel, parenting (your experiences with children as opposed to advice for someone else), home, family, gardening, neighborhood, and community.

We also welcome short poems. We are particularly interested in poetry that has an international flavor or that offers some global or cultural insights. Short poems are more likely to be accepted (because of space constraints) than poems that are more than 18 lines long.

Photos: We welcome high quality images to accompany your material. Please submit them as separate image files (e.g. jpg), and at a high resolution (300dpi). If you have several large image files to submit, please consider using Drop box or a big file website e.g. Please ensure that you have permission from the rights holders for TNT to reproduce the photos. 

(Note: Most articles we publish go through multiple rounds of editing and fact-checking. Writers are expected to work with the editors on revisions, for as many rounds as the editors see fit. All works submitted to TNT must be the sole, original property of the contributor(s), and cannot interfere with any other publication or company’s publishing rights. When you file a story with us, it is assumed that the piece is original and will be exclusive to us for 90 days worldwide in all media from the date of publication. This includes the right to distribute the story via aggregation and syndication and to post it on TNT’s Web site and social media platforms.) 

For more information on the Payment terms please CLICK HERE

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