Will you become a fool on April Fools’ Day?

Will you become a fool on April Fools’ Day?

TNT Desk | April 1, 2018: 

It’s April Fools’ Day! This day goes out to all those pranksters who enjoy wracking their brains just to come up with a brilliant idea and concept on how to fool people and mind you, some of them really do put up a good show while doing so.

So, are you next in the line? If you have already been fooled by someone, just make sure you don’t get fooled all over again because sometimes their jokes sounds so realistic that you can’t help but believe their hoaxes, thereby making you a Fool.

Did you know that April Fools’ Day is being observed in honour of April Clayton, a young woman who loves to make people happy. As bright as the April’s sun, this young woman, born and brought up in a small town somewhere in Greenland in the early 1300s, always wore a smile on her face and not a day would pass that you would see her gloomy or sad.

That was the brighter side of April, her other side, you are yet to discover.

Though, she was always smiling and happy, April was however dumb and easily fooled by people. Everybody in that small little town knew that she was the biggest fool of all. She knew her weakness but she didn’t care.

When she got married, she was finding it really difficult to cope up with her expenses because people would fool, steal money from her and she wouldn’t know it. Her husband grew tired of her stupidity and foolishness that he left her.

A bitter reality for April but that didn’t change the way she looks at things. She continued to remain a fool till the day she died.

So there you have it. That’s how April Fools’ day originated.

But before you share this story with anyone, please note that this is a day when people are fooled in the name of April Fools’ Day and just like everyone else, you too have been subjected to the same kind of prank.







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