Will India’s first sports radio channel be the answer for lesser known athletes?

Will India’s first sports radio channel be the answer for lesser known athletes?

By Jessica Passah

India being such a sports crazed nation, it’s astonishing how it is only now that we have a fully dedicated online sports radio channel.

Be it cricket or badminton, interest in sports is slowly and surely growing. People across the nation want to know about their favourite athletes and with the radio channel now in place, it’s going to be a great way to keep up with the latest sports news across the nation.

Living in the digital age, the internet is one of the best ways to stay updated but sports has always lagged behind with TV news channels hardly ever showing sports news.

Domestic leagues whether I-League or ISL fail to get mentions during ongoing season. This also doesn’t apply only to football—badminton, hockey, kabbadi, basketball– – you name it!

None of these sports get their due attention even though every single one of these sports have a dedicated domestic league with a wide range of not only domestic talent but international ones also.

The tide is however changing, with the radio channel launched by Sport Flashes—we see the importance given to sport. The channel which is completely dedicated to sport will focus on over 400 different sports events with commentaries, expert opinions and daily sports news and updates.

The radio platform is also a great way for lesser known athletes to get their due recognition. We see many sports and athletes which have been neglected – this would include sports such as kick boxing and other martial arts.

A little known fact – Hameshaniah Suiam, a young kick boxer from Meghalaya is ranked world number 5 but only a few would know this. With channels dedicated to sports and its growth, hopefully we get to hear more on our sporting heroes.




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