Will Amit Shah’s Northeast Tour  break regional parties and Congress

Will Amit Shah’s Northeast Tour  break regional parties and Congress

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SHILLONG: With the BJP President Amit Shah on his Northeast visit this week, there are speculations of many Congress and other regional party leaders jumping camps and joining the BJP.

Amit Shah who is on his visit to the Northeast, will be meeting leaders in Assam,Tripura and Meghalaya amongst others. Although the BJP is currently not in power in any of the 8 states of the region, there was a remarkable improvement in their tally in the municipal elections and Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) election.

It is expected that many disgruntled leaders from Congress and AGP may cross over and join the saffron party during the BJP president’s visit.

In Tripura, it is believed that as many as 6 legislators from the Congress as well as many Trinamool and INPT/IPFT leaders are looking for an possible entry or an alliance with the BJP. However, many of them are discredited and seen to be in league with the left front government in the past.

It is also expected that Shah may campaign in the ongoing ADC elections in Tripura.

In Shillong, the BJP which did remarkably well in the parliamentary seat and got close to a lakh votes, it is speculated that many leaders from the UDP and the Congress are secretly meeting the leader privately.

However, it will not be smooth sailing for Shah as he will have to answer questions on the BJP u-turn on the Bangladesh land swap deal in Assam  as well as the re-imposition of AFSPA in Arunachal Pradesh against the wishes of the State Government.

The recent rise in attacks on churches across the country as well as an increased rise on intolerance towards minorities will also be issues which the BJP leader will have to clarify its position on.

The term used for calling people from Northeast as immigrants in the Delhi election manifesto as well as pronouncing holidays like Christmas as good governance day will be also raised by political opponents as well as skeptics.




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