VIDEO: Cruelty at its peak! Elephant struggles to pull a heavy log in Assam

VIDEO: Cruelty at its peak! Elephant struggles to pull a heavy log in Assam

TINSUKIA, June 17 2017: This heartbreaking video shows how animals are being exploited to satisfy the ever growing need of men.

Posted by Mondeep M. Gogoi in Facebook on June 9, this video showed how a female elephant struggled to drag a heavy log across the street.

Shot in the Upper Dehing reserve in Assam, around 9 kilometres from the town of Digboi, this video took the internet by storm and spark outrage amongst people who condemned this cruelty towards animals.

According to Huffington Post, India, the Facebook post was put up in Assamese and, translated into English, reads, “Today while on my way from Sivasagar to Margherita, on the Bhadoi, Panchali to Digboi road, I saw a mother elephant and her calf. It saddened me to witness the pain of the elephant and the calf. In times that has seen so much technological advancement, we should not put so much burden on animals for our chores.”


Aji sivasagar r pora margherita ahi thakute vadoi paanchali r pora digboi oha rastat dekhilu maak aru puwali hatitu..dekhi beya lagil hatijonir kosto..logot morom loga puwalitu..ajikali modern technology thakute eneke jibojontu burok kosto dibo napai..

Posted by Mondeep M. Gogoi on Friday, 9 June 2017

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TNT News with inputs from Huffington Post, India

Image: Facebook



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