VIDEO: A funny take on 'Discrimination' by this girl from Northeast India will keep you positive!

April 15, 2017:  With numerous cases of discrimination coming to light against students from Northeast India, we have become so much accustomed to condemning the act that none of us try to look into the bright side of things and tackle this in a positive and effective manner. But this girl, who prefers to be known as “Thatgirlfromhills” has a different take on racial discrimination.

Check out her positive video below that will uplift your spirits and compel you to shout out to the world to “Keep Discriminating” for you do not really care of what they say! This is just a satirical, comical yet reality that almost everyone faces. Tired of being treated as an outsider ThatgirlfromHills decided to speak about how it feels. Watch the video to know how!

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