VIDEO: 15-feet-long python swallows a goat whole in Assam

VIDEO: 15-feet-long python swallows a goat whole in Assam

GUWAHATI, June 16 2017: The video below will give goose bumps as you’ll see how a 15 feet long python bloated after swallowing a goat whole.

Residents of the Baihata Chariali village in Assam gathered around the python to get a clear glimpse of this dramatic event, which doesn’t happen everyday.

The snake had apparently sneaked into the village from the forest nearby and swallowed a whole goat. Villagers managed to tie a rope around its neck in order to transport it to forest officials.

The video shows the massively bloated python being poked and prodded by villagers. The video ends with it being tied to a vehicle, presumably on its way to forest officials.

It was just last week when another 10-feet-long python attempted to swallow a baby goat but was later rescued by forest officials in Tezpur, Assam.

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TNT news with inputs from NDTV

Video Source: Cater Clips



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