UPDATES: Twin explosions reported at Brussels airport, 23 dead, 35 injured

UPDATES: Twin explosions reported at Brussels airport, 23 dead, 35 injured

BRUSSELS: A few days after the apprehension of Salah Abdeslam, the main suspect in the jihadist attacks in Paris on 13 November 2015, there was a twin blast reported at Brussels airport.

According to sources, the number of casualties is said to be 23, with 35 injured as for now. The number may rise up.

Before the explosion happened their was a shooting and shouting in Arabic.


Alex Rossi, a newsmen who was at the scene, said he heard two “very, very loud explosions. I could feel the building move. There was also dust and smoke as well… I went towards where the explosion came from and there were people coming out looking very dazed and shocked. The thinking here is that it is some kind of terrorist attack – that hasn’t been verified by any of the authorities here at the airport.”

Talking exclusively to TNT – The Northeast Today news, a resident who live not far away from the airport said that “After the arrest of Salah Abdeslam, the very next day suspected Jihadist attacked police in Molenbeek… The explosion took place at 7h45 local time… Its a one station away from European commission. Before the explosion happened there were a lot of people sitting by the windows and the saddest thing happened. A lot of people have been injured.”

Now questions have been raised on whether this terror attack is an act of revenge against the apprehension of Salah Abdeslam, by the look of it, that may have been the case.

Another explosion occurred at the Maalbeek metro station.

Belgian authorities are looking into the matter. Some sources revealed that there might be an attack on Belgian soil in the coming days.

(TNT News)



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