Tripura reel under LPG crisis with black market raising price to Rs. 3000/-

AGARTALA: State Tripura is reeling under tremendous LPG crisis since few months, which has created much resentment among the common men. the LPG crisis has hit the black market as well.

Unbelievable but true, black market prices has gone up to 3000/-. The rate is getting up-down from Rs. 2200/- to 3000/-.

on the other hand, the backlog problem of LPG and the generated resentment among the common masses, has hit the cabinet as well. Reportedly, the state has already written a letter to IOCL-MEA and also demanded raised by Tripura Govt. that using Bangladesh land, the LPG should enter in Tripura.

However, the public alleged that the state government is not taking proper initiative to control the situation.

(Source: Tripurainfoway)

(Featured Image Source: Internet Sources/ Representational)