Tripura: TPC’s missing vehicle found after 3 months

Tripura: TPC’s missing vehicle found after 3 months

AGARTALA: After three months passed of mysterious missing of the vehicle owned by the Tripura Pradesh Congress, the vehicle was discovered at a hatchery in Gandhinagar that falls under West Tripura District.

The vehicle was first spotted on Wednesday by the Congress workers while they were out for door-to-door campaigning. Seeing the vehicle, they informed the party’s senior leaders.

On the issue, Congress president Birajit Sinha demanded the police to probe into the matter to find out the real faces and take strict action against them. Earlier, a case was filed against ex-Congress chief Diba Chandra Hrankhawl at West Agartala Police Station for not giving back the party vehicle which was provided to him during his tenure in PCC.

According to locals, two ex-Congress men namely, Ujjwal Ghosh and Balai Goswami left the vehicle in front of the hatchery nearly three months ago. While leaving the vehicle, they assured to take away it shortly, but never came.

Interestingly, both of them now have joined Trinamool Congress.



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