Top 4 Wedding Bands Trends for 2018 That You Can’t Resist

Top 4 Wedding Bands Trends for 2018 That You Can’t Resist

By Andrew Thompson | GUEST BLOGS

Buying a wedding band is a very big decision in your life. It is something that you are going to wear every single day for the rest of your life. There are so many styles, patterns, and metals available these days that it is very easy to get confused while shopping. That’s why here are top 4 picks for your wedding band that 2018 has to offer.

  • Platinum wedding bands

These types of wedding bands are the number one choice for the majority of the grooms. Being the strongest among other metals used in wedding rings, it can sustain a very long period of weariness. Therefore, people who work outside or get their hands dirty quite a lot such as engineers, construction workers etc. prefers this kind of band. You can have any type of shapes, sizes, designs and textures in these rings. While some prefer ready-made bands from the stores, there are people who often order custom-made bands according to their specification.  Instead of having a shiny look, you can also apply a brushed finish on your band which will give it a smooth and soft look. To view the latest designs available in platinum bands visit site here.

  • Rose gold wedding band

If you are searching for something which is unique as well as classic, there is no better option available than a rose gold wedding band. It looks good on all skin tones, for which its demand is constantly rising these days. This band is a great alternative for people who are also interested in white gold bands. The general formula of creating rose gold is using 25% copper with 75% gold. The copper is responsible for the rose color that is hugely appreciated by most of its loyal customers. But you can also customize the percentage of copper in your ring.

  • Carbon fiber inlay band

If you are searching for something dark, grim and gritty as well as a modern distinct look, it would be better if you check out the carbon fiber inlay wedding bands. Aside from the metal, this ring has a carbon fiber strip which adds a bold dominating personality to its bearer. If you gain or lose some weights in the future, instead of replacing your entire ring, all you have to do is to adjust the carbon fiber. That way you would be able to have a band that is flexible and trendy.

  • Low domed wedding bands

Domed rings are a classic choice for the majority of men. It was one of the first rings that men used as wedding bands. Today instead of simple domed rings, low domed bands have been able to capture the hearts of the grooms. These types of bands will provide you the curvature you want as well as the unique domed appearance. For those who have a taste for classics and don’t want anything too much flashy, these types of bands might be the best fit for them which would be able to enhance their personality. Low domed wedding bands are available in multiple metals such as platinum, rose gold etc. with a variety of widths.


Since your wedding day is slowly approaching, it would be best if you figure out the type of band you want. It’s better if you buy something that will complement the bride’s ring as well as match with your fashion statement.

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