TNT Tribute: A Glimpse into the life of Meghalaya’s Soso Tham


He was born to a very poor family in the year 1873 from Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya He was the third and only son in a family of four children. Due to acute poverty after his father's death he had to discontinue his studies after eighth standard. Despite his little formal education he rose up to a level of a high school teacher and excelled in his teaching career.

He later became the first poet to initiate secular literature with diction, both singular and genuine. He was also the first person to make use of Khasi idioms in a form taken mainly from English poetry. He is basically remembered for his beautiful poems. His "Ka Duitara Kshiar" (The Golden Harp, 1925) – a compilation of poems, is one of the most distinguished works.

Today, his poems are being included in the academic curriculum in the state and some of his greatest works have been translated into English by scholars from Meghalaya. His name is Soso Tham and he died on December 18, 1940. And every year, Meghalaya marks his death anniversary by declaring a state holiday. Statues have been erected in honour of him at State Central Library in Shillong and Sohra, his birth place.

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