Monkey consumes alcohol, chases guests


NATIONAL | February 16, 2018: A man consuming alcohol is common but a monkey consuming alcohol becomes an attraction. In an unusual incident, a whimsical monkey turned the bar at Kammanahalli near Banaswadi into his play area.

The regular visitor to the Diwakar Bar and Restaurant in Kammanahalli, the simian, used to sip up the remnants from the glasses and rested his appetite by eating leftovers kept on the tables.

The monkey guzzled a large amount of alcohol on Monday night. However, it remains in suspense whether the ape voluntarily gulped down the alcohol or it was the work of some mischief mongers.

Later, the monkey in an inebriated state chased the customers, due to which some of them left the place. Some animal lovers even tried to take him out of the place by trying to offer him fruits and soft drinks, as reported.

Banaswadi cops said that no complaint is being registered about the incident. By midnight, when the ape was finally exhausted, he was caught by an auto driver.

Source: Times now

Featured image: Representation