Meghalaya: Women join hands to repair PWD road; Where is the Govt?


Jakhong | July 8, 2019:

In a very inspiring yet pathetic situation, a group of women under the leadership of 'Iamynjurlang' Village Organisation took it upon themselves to repair the PWD road from Jakhong to Umpongdeng in West Khasi Hills on July 6.

Hardships, dire consequences of life and other challenges has forced the women organisations to take keen initiative in repairing the long forgotten kutcha road, which is the lifeline and the main backbone for hamlets of these area, to make it pliable.

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The PWD road from Mawkarah to Jakhong was dug in the year 2002 but till date the PWD road still remains a Kutcha road and untarred yet. This PWD road which includes some part that falls under PMGSY Scheme is, however, pliable only during winter and during summer, vehicles have to use chain in order to ply through this road.

This issue has created lots of problems which has also resulted in loss of life and hampered growth and development, the locals said. Some women had to give birth while were on the way to the hospital because of the pathetic condition of the road.

Village leaders, women organisations, youth groups, and individuals have met several government leaders including Tourism Minister, Metbah Lyngdoh, who is also the Local MLA, to air their problems and grievances on this issue but their efforts were in vain as their grievances were not heard nor solved till date.

Jakhong village is more than 50 years now and currently there are 160 households approximately. The village is under Hima Nongkhlaw, Mairang Parliamentary Constituency, Mairang Civil Sub-Division and C&RD Block, West Khasi Hills District.

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While interviewing one of the women on this issue, she informed that their village is very much productive and good for cultivation of different types of crops, feasible for various types of farming but due to the unavailability of proper roads, this area which was left unattended and ignored has  lagged behind in various areas of growth and development.

Another woman reiterated that she wanted to go to the hospital to deliver her baby but since the condition of the road was so too bad she was scared to travel and so on July 5, she delivered a baby boy all by herself with no one to attend to her during her labour pain.

The President of 'Iamynjurlang' village organisation said "We would like to request the government, the Local Representatives and concerned authorities to kindly look into the matter and to take immediate action to repair the remaining portion of the road so that the plight of the people of this area will be lessen".

"We thank all those who have helped us especially Nangwanlambok Nongsiej (Bahep), the contractor who provided JCB and trucks to carry sand and stone to repair the road and the Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC) members for taking keen initiative to help us," she said.

She further extended her appreciation to the village Durbar and all the members of the village for joining hands together in repairing the road.

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It is pitiful to see that women had to take such dire steps, a task which is supposed to be looked after by the government particularly the Local MLA and MDC, who are supposed to attend to the plight of the people of their Constituency.

However, the work of repairing the road by women is a gesture of the difficulties that the women of this area have to face and encounter every day.