Meghalaya: Vegetable prices shoot up in capital city


TNT Desk | SHILLONG, June 4, 2018

Amidst the shutdown in certain parts of the city following the violence that erupted in Iew Mawlong on Thursday, the prices of essential commodities, especially vegetables has seen an abnormal rise in the state capital, much to the dismay of its residents.

The abnormal hike in prices of essential commodities in certain areas have forced people to travel to other farther market areas that sell them at lower costs.

Since the shutdown of Iewduh, the biggest market-place in the state, on Friday, vendors have hiked the pries of vegetables such as potatoes and tomatoes that are now being sold at Rs. 30 per kg and Rs. 80 per kg respectively, which is double its normal price.

People living in the Laitumkhrah area witnessed a rise in vegetables like cucumber being sold at Rs 80 per kg, peas at Rs 120 per kg, cabbage at Rs 70 per kg while prices at the Rilbong market shot up by Rs 20 to Rs 40.

The price hike is particularly difficult for students living in the state who can no longer afford the vegetables and are surviving on ready-to-eat meals.