Meghalaya | State police introduces new software to monitor social media


SHILLONG, July 3, 2018: Meghalaya police have introduced a new software to monitor social media 24 hours a day every day.

The police have also taken help from various central government agencies and departments as well as a technological institute in New Delhi to augment the capabilities of the cyber crime wing, Meghalaya special superintendent of police (CID) R. Muthu said on Monday.

The Cyber Crime Wing has started taking legal action as per provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000, The Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008 and Indian Penal Code in various cases.

"Social media platforms like Google and Facebook have positively responded to the requests of the cyber crime wing to give information about those who have been putting instigating contents on social media and proper legal instruments are being used to obtain such information," he said.

While 11 cases have been registered for offensive, inflammatory and derogatory remarks on social media, two persons were arrested.

Another arrest has been made in relation to the cases filed against those who allegedly posted inflammatory messages during the recent clashes in the city.

Earlier, Manbhalang Nongspung and Fuller Strong Kharsyiemlieh were booked.

Muthu added that the police had also made 20 inquiries where several people have been questioned and their mobile phones, that carried evidence of the inciting contents, seized. Legal action is being taken against them.

The officer said some of the 11 cases have their roots outside the state, and efforts are on to identify the culprits.

The police have reiterated their appeal to all citizens to cooperate with the cyber crime wing so that unscrupulous elements do not take advantage and create fake news and incite passions.

"Social media users are being advised not to post or propagate any unsubstantiated news or reports and it is advised that it would be prudent to check all these things with local police. Similarly, administrators of social media groups are being advised to ensure that no offensive materials are posted by any members of the group, which can invite legal action," Muthu added.

TNT with The Telegraph inputs