Meghalaya sends samples of fish brought from outside the state for testing


SHILLONG, July 5, 2018: The Food safety officials in Meghalaya have collected and sent samples of fish brought from outside the state for tests to confirm if they are laced with formalin as a preservative, an official said on Thursday.

Following the ban imposed by Nagaland government, about 10 different types of fish samples brought from outside the state and as far as Andhra Pradesh, have been collected and sent for testing at the Assam-based Public Health Laboratory, Food Safety deputy commissioner S N Sangma said.

He said in case the samples return positive with formalin, actions will be taken as per law against the distributors and the fish transported from outside may be banned for sale in the market.

The Nagaland government had on June 22 prohibited storage, distribution, and sale of fresh fish products treated with formalin or other forms of preservatives in the state for a period of three months or till corrective measures were taken.

Formalin is used to preserve bodies and prevent its decay in mortuaries. The widespread use of the deadly chemical nowadays in the preservation of fish, fruit and other food items is posing a great threat to public health.

Sangma said the state is procuring test kit from Germany which would be send to all 11 districts in the state.

Food samples are collected in a routine manner, he said adding last year after test fish samples were found negative for formalin.