Meghalaya: MPYC slams Conrad’s statement on Ampati recreation


From Our Correspondent | TURA, May 24, 2018

The Meghalaya Pradesh Youth Congress (MPYC) on Wednesday slammed state CM, Conrad Sangma, over his statements about recreation in Ampati if the NPP came to power.

Addressing the statement, MPYC president, Richard Marak asked, "What kind of recreation is he talking about at Ampati? By saying that he is going to re-create Ampati, does he mean to undo everything that Dr Mukul Sangma has done in the last 20 years and return it to the backwardness that he and his family envisions for Garo Hills?"

Marak also shed light on the fact that while the NPP was in opposition, they had complained of all development going to Ampati. "Where was the question of under-development, then?'', he asked.

"Conrad Sangma emphasizes that they are the ones forming the government at the state. Isn't this too much talk coming from someone who isn't even elected to the Assembly yet? If they are so powerful forming a government then how is it that they are unable to disburse the salaries of the GHADC employees till date," he added while stating that they were the ones pointing fingers at the  Congress government on the same matter.

"They are a part of the state government as well as NDA at the centre so why are the funds not flowing and the GHADC employees not being paid their salaries? Was it not Conrad Sangma who proudly accepted an award from Prime Minister Narendra Modi in recognition of the growth of the state in the agriculture sector in March, a few days after formation of their government? This award was given for the hard work done by the previous state government," said Richard while calling the act shameless.

The MPYC president called the CM greedy stating that he had tried to nominate himself to the CEM post in GHADC and is now the nominated CM and not an elected one.

"In the process he is making a football of his sister Agatha Sangma who worked hard and was elected MLA of South Tura constituency only to now having to resign. If family members can become footballs for him, just think of what he can do to other people. Maybe the MDCs are more intelligent than the MLAs because they rejected his ploy to become the CEM," said the MPYC president.

"If Conrad Sangma is really the leader that he projects himself to be, maybe he should have resigned his Lok Sabha MP seat and stood the elections and if he got elected and became the chief minister, more respect to him. Instead he hides behind his party men, making deals with his BJP masters who paved the way for him to claim the CM's seat," accused Marak.

Accusing the NPP of having to advertise to find a candidate for the Ampati seat, the MPYC claimed the CM chickened out of the contest in Ampati knowing it would have been a losing cause.

"They narrowed down to the candidate (Clement G Momin) who has already been rejected by the people. It's a known fact that NPP/ BJP had to field somebody to save their skin else Miani Shira would have won uncontested," he added.