Meghalaya: Cong slams MDA govt for law and order ‘failure’; advices setting up of judicial enquiry


By Our Reporter, TNT News | Shillong, June 05, 2018:

The Meghalaya Congress has urged upon the NPP led Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) to immediately constitute a judicial inquiry to inquire on the break down of the law and order situation in Shillong city and also to find out a solution on the possibilities of relocating the Sweeper's Colony.

The  Congress at the same time lambasted the present Government for failing to tackle the situation.

"By constituting the judicial inquiry, the Government would have a clear picture what is happening and what needs to be done. There will be a term of reference when the Government constitutes the inquiry. The Government will then have the privileged to have an inside of all the information's and act upon that," Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leader and Opposition Leader, Dr Mukul Sangma told media persons after the CLP meeting today.

He further said that let the government be guided by the kind of recommendation which can be an offshoot of the judicial inquiry and further look how things should be done then it will be available in the public.

Meanwhile, he said that the people has lost confidence in the present Government and they are looking at this government with great confusion.

"We really don't know whether the Ministry of Home Affairs or the Chief Minister office is calling the shots. It is very dangerous trend. This demonstrates the lack of competency level of this Government," Dr Mukul said.

He said that if they don't know how to handle it then allow the Congress to handle the situation within a reasonable period of time.

Reacting to queries on the failure of the Congress to shift the Sweeper's Colony despite being in power for many years, he said that the Congress has been privilege to have the opportunity to shoulder the responsibility of governance for last preceding 9 years.

"When we took charge in 2009 and 2010, and subsequently 2013, we were confronted by- militancy and terrorism, extortion, the kidnapping, the killings and hopelessness. We were able to resolve all the problems in eight or nine years since we did not end up just discussion and deliberating. But we found ways and means to resolve them," Dr Mukul said.

On the negative coverage by the national media, he said that they have always maintain that the government of the day should be really looking at how media is carrying the story.

"I am also noticing that the government is pro active in making people from outside come and give all kinds of statement allowing them to go and meet those people and give all kinds of statements," he said, adding, "It is a very dangerous trend and the way I see it there is too much of intervention coming from MHA multiple authorities is acting on it.  I can see it, I have run government for eight years. I know what is happening and I can read between the lines".

Meanwhile, reacting to Mukul Sangma's statement, Chief Minister Conrad Sangma said that the Government has ordered for a magisterial inquiry and if necessary, the Government will order for a judicial inquiry.

"Whether failed or not failed it is not for any individual to say. The situation is tough and Leader Opposition had gone through this phases. It is wrong for him to look at the situation and say that somebody has failed," he said.