In Assam, petrol at Rs 78/litre


GUWAHATI, May 21, 2018 (TNN): Fuel prices in Assam touched a record high on Sunday, with petrol now costing Rs 78.37 per litre and diesel prices up to Rs 70.53 per litre in the state.

Petrol prices have now risen by 34 paise per litre and diesel prices have gone up by 28 paise per litre. Since May 13, petrol prices have risen by Rs 1.64 and diesel prices by Rs 1.70 in the state.

This is the seventh consecutive day of fuel price hikes since oil companies resumed the daily price revision mechanism from May 14 after a 19-day recess ahead of the Karnataka polls.
At Rs 84.07 per litre, petrol is costliest in Mumbai now, followed by Bhopal (Rs 81.83/l), Patna (Rs 81.73/l), Hyderabad (Rs 80.35/l) and Srinagar (Rs 80.35/l). Prices are the cheapest in Panjim at Rs 70.26 per litre. Diesel is costliest in Hyderabad (Rs 73.45/l) and cheapest in Port Blair (Rs 63.35/l).
Prices vary across states depending on the local rates of sales tax or VAT.
Featured image: India Today