Humorous side of Motphran Clash: 5 funny incidents you failed to notice during stand-off


TNT Desk | Shillong, June 06, 2018: 

There's humour everywhere; even during the darkest and chaotic hours, there's humour everywhere!

Let's take a time out to recall all the funny moments captured during the 5-day long stand-off between the protesters and the security forces in Motphran area since May 31 night.

Amid the tension and chaos, there is always that one moment which, at that time, might not catch your attention, but when you think about it later, you'll realize that it's one of the funniest moments that you could never imagine would happen during an upheaval such as this.

A serious and tense situation was all that was highlighted in the media during these last few days. From heavy stone pelting to petrol bomb attacks, the city was reeling under fear. But what you didn't notice is the humorous side of the whole situation, while not downplaying the seriousness of the issue.

Here are the five funniest moments, we bet you didn't notice during the 5-day long stand-off:


A day after a clash erupted between the protesters and the cops in the city's main commercial area– Iewduh, both sides were armed and ready for the second bout (day-2). During the day, most of the time was spent on playing the 'cat and mouse' game. Stones would come flying from one end of the lane and on the other end, the men in uniform would start chasing the stone pelters only to find them disappearing into countless and small alleys. This game, of course, continued throughout the day and it was only after nightfall that the fight kicked off– more like a Mexican stand-off (Security forces armed with batons and tear gases and protesters weaponized with stones and catapults). This trend continued in the next 3 days that followed.


During this whole episode, the battle ground at Motphran wore not a bloody look but a stony look. The roads were covered with stones of all shapes and sizes coupled with broken window panes and damaged windshields of police vehicles. Now if you're thinking the police were the only targets, you're wrong! Even the mannequins and curtains were not spared. (blame it on the stone-pelters' short sightedness or the effect of alcohol). There was an instance when the authorities were trying to calm the angry protesters, who were not really willing to listen and in the midst of all that, a drunk protester suddenly shouted — "Utei, Utei u SOT hangtei (There he is! that SOT personnel)" pointing towards a deserted building"; and then rain of stones started showering, breaking the window panes of that building. It was only later they found out that the SOT they had targeted and thrown stones at was actually a curtain. The mannequin story is somewhat similar to the curtain story. The stone pelters had mistaken the mannequin located in a boutique to be a police personnel.


Two days and two nights without rest was the tipping point for the security personnel (not all) to unleash their frustration. But while the other personnel were charging the angry protesters, there were some who were too tired to even hold a baton. There was an instance on the third day of the stand-off when a police personnel, who was part of the company to ensure the protesters do not cross the barricade, ran off to the other end of the line (He was so fast. He covered a distance equivalent to that of the length of a football field in a short span of time), the moment stones started flying in the air. He stayed there for 15-20 minutes or so. When some scribes were walking pass the area where he was hiding, he called out to them and said 'Oooo thait… shah kawang maw shi shah kawang. thait!' (Ooooo its tiring … stones being pelted again and again. I'm tired!)


So apparently, if you're the man tasked with the job of pacifying the angry crowd and if you're a Khasi, even more better, if you use heart-touching statements like 'Para-doh, Para-snam (brothers of the same blood)', then check-mate; You get their attention! So, here is how it goes — A government official (known for his humour) visited ground zero and while he was approaching towards the angry protesters to pacify them, he got a call on his mobile phone. Amid all the sloganeering and hostile attitude on the other side of the barricade, the official picked up the phone and said 'Buh shuwa mynta, nga dang iakren bad ki para-doh para-snam jong nga (Hang up for now, I am still talking to my brothers of the same blood)'. This top-of-the-chart remark sure got the crowd cheering and listening with some of them giving him a thumb's up saying 'Kumta te hooid sieh (that's more we like it)'.


If you're driving through a hostile area and accidentally you happen to be a non-local or you happen to be driving a police vehicle and you're all alone, then you'll realize that your heart will start beating faster than usual! One such incident happened to a non-local taxi driver, who was dropping off passengers to Mawlai area just before dusk sets in. After dropping the passengers in Mawlai, he later realized that he was all alone in an area inhabited by only one community — tribals. His heart pounded while his mind was busy devising ways and means on how to get out of that place as soon as possible. He looked left and right, and all he could see were big eyes rolling from every corner. In his mind — he has already made end remarks like — 'Aaj toh mera last day hai is duniya mein (Today is my last day in this world)'. Relax! nothing happened to him. It was just his fear taking control over his sanity. He came out of that place unharmed and after reaching a safe area, he again remarked — 'Oh, Thank God, mein jinda hu (Oh, Thank God, I'm alive!)'. Now another incident took place in the heart of Motphran (literally, near the historical monument) when a police vehicle was taking a round during the peak stone-pelting hours. The driver was all alone and unfortunately, due to some mechanical snag, his vehicle stopped at a very tricky location (looking like a roasted pork kept in the middle of a hungry crowd). The driver, who was all alone in the vehicle, started panicking. He knew that if he get down from the front door, he will surely get hit by stones. So, he slowly crept through the back door and ran towards a safe junction. Luckily, he didn't get hurt.