Here is why no one can beat Assam Police on Twitter


GUWAHATI | June 9, 2019:

The Assam Police is known across the Northeast and the country for their funny, cheeky and creative tweets on several issues while at the same time, spreading awareness, reporting a crime, alerting citizens and also issuing warning to criminals in a creative yet stern manner.

Here are a few cheeky and creative tweets by the Assam Police


** In an attempt to send a warning to drug peddlers, Assam Police shared this on their Twitter handle with the Caption: "Do You?"

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** On the occasion of World Environment Day, Assam Police posted this creative tweet with the caption: "We can see our glaciers melting, global temperature and sea levels rising. Our melting, shifting, liquid world calls for a collective endeavour and accountability. It may not be too late."

** Recently, Assam Police made headlines not only for being able to seize a huge amount of Ganja but also for its cheeky tweet on the incident with the caption: "Don't panic, we found it."

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** Given the fact that fake news is the emerging virtual plague, Assam Police took to Twitter to spread awareness on the issue with the caption: "t(hey) be(lie)ve(d)  

** Last month, while the world was going all gaga over the final episode of HBO's Game of Thrones, the Assam Police used the same 'Bell ringing' plot from the episode asking citizens to remain vigilant of potential problem. This was what they tweeted: "The things we (must) do for protecting our world. Be it winter or summer, never shrug off the warning signs of a potential problem."

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** Making a clarion call to all the citizens to NOT fall prey to fake news, Assam Police tweeted this in the month of April during the same time when Marvel's Avengers: Endgame hit the silver screens across the globe.

This was what they tweeted: "It's Thor'sday and the Avengers are assembling. Just like Thanos, fake news is threatening our planet and its snap could affect the entire population not just the half. It's time to believe in the hero inside each of us and bring fake news to its #Endgame, whatever it takes."

(Images source: Assam Police Twitter Handle)