FIFA WC | This is how Japan players, supporters say ‘Thank-You’ to Russia


TNT News | July 03, 2018: 


Belgium won the match but Japan won many hearts!

Japan might have lost the match against Belgium in the Knock-out round of the FIFA World Cup 2018 on Monday but they have managed to win many hearts across the globe; Thanks to their culture of cleanliness and unique way of saying 'Thank-You'.

The distraught Japan football team suffered a 3-2 loss to Belgium last night. They sure did exhibited their talents on the field and what's more heart-warming was witnessing their gesture of appreciation to the organisers by tidying their dressing room besides leaving a thank you note.

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It has emerged that the Japanese team, after the match, cleaned their locker room themselves as a token of gratitude towards the hosts despite suffering what must have been one of the most painful defeats in the careers of each player on the team.

Additionally, the team also left a note in Russian that read 'Spasibo', which translates to 'thank you'.

The Japanese supporters also gained the respect of the world after they were pictured cleaning up the stands at the stadium after the match against Belgium. A lot has been said and written about the wonderful culture of cleanliness in the Land of the Rising Sun and this latest gesture by their football team does speak volumes.

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