FASHION | 5 Ways To Wear Sparkle In Your Hair


FASHION | January 23, 2018

By Rowi Singh

5 Step Glitter Hair Tutorials

I absolutely love doing glitter hair because it's so easy and such a fun look for a festival! I decided to make a little step-by-step tutorial because I know people are hesitant to try it either because a) it could go horribly wrong and b) it'll take forever to get out.

In order to achieve the best results, you should use glitter that isn't too fine otherwise it'll get lost in the hair and won't have the desired effect. You can get glitter from any typical arts and crafts store, but I got mine from Riot Art & Craft. 

Secondly, you should put a small layer of argan or coconut oil in your part and on either sides of it. This prevents the glitter from sinking into your roots and makes it A LOT easier to get out.

STEP 1: Part your hair

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Part your hair down the middle and style it how you like. I normally do space buns, but I decided to do pigtails for this look. Secure any fly-aways with hairspray.

STEP 2: Secure your hair

I got this v05 Mega Hold Gel Spray from Priceline ($4.69 AUD). It's awesome because it's a gel and hairspray combined, but doesn't leave your hair looking sticky and greasy. In order to help the glitter to STICK, spritz the top of your head with this amazing stuff.

STEP 3: Paste your hair with glitter gel (OPTIONAL)

This step isn't compulsory, but I like to add a layer of Om She crystal shimmer which I also got from Priceline (not sure if they still sell it). This glitter gel is AMAZING and I use it for everything (especially on my eyes to help glitter stick). Using an angled flat brush, paste the glitter on either side of the part.

STEP 4: Apply the Glitter

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Okay so do not pour the glitter on toilet paper like I did… (MESSY) I recommend doing it in a small plate.

Before applying the glitter onto the roots, I sprinkled these little love heart flecks around my head. I also purchased this at Riot Art & Craft.

Spritz your angled brush with the gel spray and then dip it into the coloured glitter of your choice. Paste it onto your roots. If you want the glitter to apply thicker, than dab it on rather than paste.

I like to apply a maximum of 3 shades of the same colour into the hair, starting with the lightest colour closest to the forehead. Try and stay as close to your part as you can, otherwise it'll start to look messy.

STEP 5: Secure the glitter

Using the gel spray or even regular extra hold hairspray, make sure you spray the glitter in order to secure it into place.


The end result should look like this:

You can see the difference in application between these two pictures. The first picture I pasted on a small amount of glitter and the second picture I dabbed it on to intensify the look.