DUSK TILL DAWN — By Priyanka Singh Raj (Mahi)


On the occasion of International Youth Day, this writer from Shillong, Meghalaya has a beautiful message to convey through her poem.


Dusk till Dawn

In this long voyage, still more to expedite
Haven't yet cover my spin -span journey!
In this glittering world, still more to vision
Haven't dreamed of being a dreamer!

In this desiring life, still more to quench
Haven't yet fulfil my stretched thirst!
In this shaking globe, still more to shake
Haven't yet quiver my challenges!

In this big-time rush, still more to swim
Haven't yet completed, vast marine ride!
In this countless gear, still more to bear
Haven't yet count my fears in dark caves!

In this beautiful heart, still more to romance
Haven't yet found my Pearl in love paradise
In the ocean of novels, still more to read
Haven't yet finished Kingsbury and Nicholas!

In this era of violence, still more to fight
Haven't yet raise strong voice louder!
In this planet of glass ceiling, still more to break
Haven't yet break the stereotypes and protocols!

In this fading day, still more to light up
Haven't yet view the red sunrise on hills!
In this gloomy evening, still more to spend
Haven't yet watched the mystical sunset at sea!

For now, there is still more to walk and talk,
For whatever I have found is yet to bound,
For world is…. yet to capture and rapture,
And a life …. still yet to strive and thrive!

ABOUT THE WRITER: Priyanka Singh Raj from Shillong goes by the pet name Mahi. You can follow her blogs at mahipriyanka

The writer can be reached at mahipriyankaraj@gmail.com

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